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Flexible Fees

We recognize that the traditional model of charging all clients, large and small, the same hourly rate is not always optimal. Because we use technology and advanced processes to promote efficiency and keep our overhead low, we have the flexibility to offer different clients different fee structures.

Depending on the circumstances and scope of engagement, we can provide our clients with a variety of alternative options including recurring subscriptions, project-based fees, deferred fees payable on closings of financing and other transactions, reduced fees, volume discounts, and equity incentives.

Invoicing and Payment

We invoice our clients on a monthly basis. Where project-based or deferred fee arrangements are applicable, we issue monthly informational statements. Subscription-based fees are payable in advance, on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis. We request payment within 30 days of receipt of invoice, although prompt payment is always appreciated.

We accept most forms of payment, including major credit cards, PayPal, check, wire and ACH transfers, and Bitcoin.

Thank you for your business.

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