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Our Firm

Fathom Law is a business and technology law firm advising entrepreneurs, growth companies and investors in a wide range of industries. We deliver sophisticated legal and business advice with outstanding service to achieve our clients’ strategic objectives.

We get results through innovative lawyering while maintaining low overhead, lean staffing and flexible fees. We have invested in technology and developed processes that greatly improve communication and collaboration, drive efficiency and make geography irrelevant.

Our Approach

We do things differently. Clients today are far more sophisticated than in years past, technology has impacted every aspect of business, and the practice of law has had to evolve to keep pace. However, many law firms are still built around serving the needs of a prior generation of clients.

We believe that a modern law firm must be fully aligned with its clients. We use technology and advanced processes to share information seamlessly, enabling us to understand our clients’ business and develop efficient, cost-effective and successful strategies.

Let us help you succeed.

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